Avatar Gates of Power

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The ancient Essenes once said that we have inherited a Holy Land, and that this is not a field to be ploughed, but rather, a place to be cultivated within. Embark on an epic multi-sensory odyssey and raise the Holy Land through the Avatar Gates of Power. This mystical journey is based on ancient teachings, and features stunning visual correspondences from the Natural world, along with, sacred sound transmissions. Shot on location from the summit, to the waterfalls and shores of mauna Haleakela (house of the Sun), one of the world's most potent energy vortexes on the majestic island of Maui, Hawaii, with local prayerformance healing artists and agents of change Heather Salmon and Donny Regal.


Produced, Written, Directed, Edited By and Lead Cast 
Donny Regal and Heather Salmon

Director of Photography 
Maria Moreno

Second Camera 
Dylan McLeod

Andre Deslauries

Maui, Hawaii

August 2020


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[email protected]

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Port Blair International Film Festival 2020
Port Blair
WINNER Best Experimental Short Film
Love Wins International Film Festival 2021
New York City
United States
Official Selection - Best Short Film
Canadian Cinematography Awards 2021
Semi Finalist - Best Short Film
Kalakari International Film Festival 2021
Madhya Pradesh
Official Selection - Best Experimental Short Film
Aphrodite Film Awards 2021
New York City
United States
Official Selection - Best Experimental Short Film
Global Music Awards 2021
La Jolla
United States
WINNER Best Music Video


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