The Ancient Egyptians celebrated the cyclic seasons of the Earth, Moon, Sun & Stars in order to balance the internal polarities and illuminate the mind and body.


Before the beginning of things, there was nothing but a deep abyss – infinite, everywhere, and eternal. The Divinely commanding voice called for the compression of energies surrounding the cosmic, ethereal plane, which made the creation of the world. 


The ancient Egyptians believed that this Omnipresent sound frequency came from Neter, the Egyptian word for nature, which is the generator of life and energy in its existence. The Neter created the earth, the heavens, the sea, the sky, men and women, animals, birds, and creeping things, all that is and all that shall be. 

From the Neter emerges the neteru, which some have referred to as gods and goddesses but they are actually much more than that. The neteru are cosmic principles, laws, and forces of Universal Nature and the psyche that encompasses the whole universe. They are the means of the Neter’s expression and the manifestation of Universal Creation.


The Ancient Egyptians believed that this expansion of Divine energy should be translated to human life, living in order and harmony while honoring the Universal truth. This philosophy is evident in every aspect of Ancient Egyptian culture from the way they built their cities to the structural perfection of their temples and monuments.


3,000 years later, the energies of these teachings still emanate through the hieroglyphs that remain carved in the temples and monuments of ancient Egypt.


Ancient Egypt Sacred Pilgrimage 2023

This year is an auspicious time to go on a path of self-discovery as the numerology for 2023 adds to a 7, signifying spiritual awakening and ascension. For Ancient Egyptians, 7 represents the collective consciousness of the divine netjer (divine power) Hathor (Het-Heru). The Hathors bring healing and pleasure to the world through love, beauty, sacred sound frequencies, music, dance, and nurturing.

This 15-day journey to Ancient Egypt, the throat chakra of the planet, will include all of these experiences to support you in expanding into the fullness of your personal self-expression, gifts, and more.

This year's October 26th to November 9th pilgrimage will also take place over the powerful October eclipse portal which signifies a call for balance, to become a whole, and to align our lives with that which we truly value. This is an auspicious time of renewal, cleansing, harmony, growth, and deep reflection of what truly serves your highest good and values.

On the evening of the October 28th Lunar eclipse, participants will have the auspicious opportunity to partake in a private sound healing ceremony in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid followed by a sharing circle and silent meditation time between the paws of the Sphinx.

Known as the gateway to higher spiritual realms, receive divine transmissions as we experience the healing frequencies in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, meditate between the paws of the Sphinx, and sail from temple to temple for 9 days on the enchanting Nile river. Unravel the mysteries of Hathor’s Temple at Dendera, Osiris’s temple at Abydos, Sekhmet’s shrine in Karak, Luxor temple, and many more sacred sites. Throughout your trip, you will receive tools and interactive materials to support the empowerment of your spiritual unfoldment.


If you feel called to connect with ancient Kemet in a sacred way then this intimate, luxurious and leisurely journey with a maximum of 12 participants may just be for you.  


Reactivate your soul’s memory and use the Ancient teachings to navigate your Earthly mission.



A Rite of Passage by the Earliest Devotees


A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place in order to find deeper meaning, purpose, values and truth.

This spiritual pilgrimage to Ancient Egypt is one that many high adepts have taken in a quest to understand their destiny, as well as, for deep healing of the body, mind, heart and soul.  This path has been walked by Jeshua (Jesus), Mary Magdalene, and many other masters before as they underwent initiations to expand their consciousness and higher level skills, senses and abilities. This journey is a portal and right of passage that can support you in transforming fear into faith, chaos into calm, wounds into gifts, indignation into inspiration and will lead to the emergence of the most exalted expression of your being.

The Beginning of Our Sacred Path 

Upon your arrival to Ancient Egypt we will spend the first three days gathering with a group of like minded souls, grounding into the magic of the waxing moon and preparing for the alchemical Lunar eclipse activation and the most incredible journey of your life.

 Just as the Neter’s Divine voice manifested the Universal formation, our interactive sacred sound activation will help to recalibrate our chakra systems in the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid in during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

We will then gather in a sharing circle and then meditate in silent reflection between the paws of the Sphinx under the Full Moon.

During your first 3 days we will enjoy the sensational sight of the Great Pyramids of Giza from the comfort of your room at the historic Marriott Mena House. The grounds are surrounded by 40 acres of lush, green gardens and offer relaxing amenities such as a spa, fitness center, and pool and bring you into a complete state of zen and peace. 

The Great Pyramids of Giza  emanate a high frequency, making the plateau one of the most powerful places in the world. Pyramids have an expansive auric field that bridges you to your past lives, activates your chakras, and harmonizes your mind, body, and soul. Built by the Ancient Egyptians to connect to the higher realms, the Great Pyramid has the power to help you raise your consciousness, balance your energy, and foster healing.

On the fourth day,

we visit the newly opened Egyptian Museum which is the largest museum in all of Europe.  Afterwards, we fly to Luxor where we will stay for one night at a beautiful hotel on the Nile’s West bank, before boarding our private luxury dahabiya (river boat).

We then set sail on the Nile journeying from temple to temple, just as the pharaohs of ancient times had done. For the next 9 days will continue visiting rich historical sites whose timeless power boundlessly resonates through these archeological marvels.

While sailing the enchanting Nile, we’ll take moments of tranquility through meditation, rituals, reflecting, and engaging in gentle yoga and sound healing journeys to deepen and integrate our experiences.

Mystics Journey Sailing the Nile River

  • Private openings in Great Pyramid and Sphinx
  • Private openings in Karnak, Abydos, Dendarah and Philea
  • 9 day sail on Private luxury Nile River Boat
  • Sound Healing & Gentle Yoga Sessions on the Nile
  • Ancient Egyptian Aromatherapy Ritual
  • Preparation and Integration Calls


It’s your mission to heed your Divine calling, rise with awakened souls on a mystical journey, and work together to bring back the energetic balance of love, justice, power, creativity, and truth to mankind.

Discover the Imprints of Your Soul by Accessing the Ancient Egyptian Energy


Walk in a metaphysical journey of remembering and return to your spiritual truth and wholeness. Awaken within you the cosmic depths and frequencies running in your energy field, reminding you of your soul’s contract with the Universe about fulfilling your destiny.

Special Features/Highlights:

  • Private openings in Great Pyramid and Sphinx
  • Private openings in Karnak, Abydos, Dendarah and Philea
  • Private luxury Nile River Boat 9 Day Sail
  • Ancient Egyptian Aromatherapy Ritual
  • Sound Healing & Gentle Yoga Sessions on the 9 day Nile Cruise
  • Shopping at local Spice, Alabaster, Gold and Carpet merchants 
  • Adventurous Jeep excursion across the Sahara desert
  • Preparation and Integration Calls


Tour Includes:

  • Great Pyramids of Giza
  • Journey by Camel
  • Khufu Solar Boat
  • Saqqara (the Step Pyramid)
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Carriage Tour at Luxor East Bank
  • Luxor Temple
  • Abydos Temple (Osiris)
  • Dendarah Temple (Hathor)
  • Karnak Temple Complex
  • Sekhmet’s Shrine
  • Precinct of Mut
  • Temple of Horus at Edfu
  • Temple of Kom Ombu
  • Philae Temple (Isis)
  • Sound & Light Show at Philae Temple

And more …

Join us on this pilgrimage and unlock the full spectrum of your soul’s consciousness


Daily Itinerary 

Oct 26, Day 1 - Arrival 


Upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport, you'll be greeted by our wonderful English-speaking representative who will assist you with all formalities including immigration, attaining a Visa and a transfer to the Marriott Mena House Hotel where you will meet the group and spend the next 4 days and 3 nights.  Arrive a day or two early if you would like some extra time to settle in (additional fees apply).

Oct 27, Day 2 - Great Pyramids of Giza Plateau Excursion by camels


After your morning meal, our day begins with an opening circle for orientation and intention setting. You’ll be meeting the entire group and our English Egyptologist guide.  We will then visit the Great Pyramids temple complex, explore the plateau by camel, and appreciate its daylight beauty and perfectly engineered geometrical shapes. We will dine at a local restaurant for lunch and return back to the hotel. 

Oct 28, Day 3 -  Saqqara & Evening Private Full Moon Activation in the Great Pyramid


Explore The Step Pyramid of Saqqara where the tomb of Pharaoh Djoser lies. Known as the first pyramid built by the Ancient Egyptians, this structure marked the first of many spectacular works during their civilization.

In the evening, we will return back to the Giza Plateau during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse for our private group Sacred Sound Healing Ritual of Purification in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid  followed by a private sharing circle and meditation between the paws of the Sphinx.

Oct 29 , Day 4 - Egyptian Museum 

Visit to the new Egyptian Museum, the largest museum in Europe.
In the afternoon, we transfer to Cairo airport to fly to Luxor and stay the night at Sonesta St. George Hotel.

Oct 30, Day 5 - Luxor East Bank, Valley of the Kings, Hatchepsut’s Temple


In the morning, we will board a private water taxi, cross the Nile river and head to the East Bank of Luxor. Here we will explore the mysteries of the Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon & Temple of Hatshepsut, a temple dedicated to Ancient Egypt's first female pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut who emanated the power of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Our group will then board our private luxury dahabiya (river boat) and begin our sail just as the pharaohs of ancient times had traveled.

Oct 31, Day 6 - Abydos Temple (Osiris) and Dandarah Temple (Hathor)


We will visit Abydos Temple dedicated to Osiris/Osir in the morning and commemorate Osiris’ transmuting energy of alchemy, rebirth and new cycles.  In the afternoon, we will see Danderah Temple, and invite the beautiful, loving frequencies from Hathor, a goddess of maternity, love, and music.

Nov 1, Day 7 - Carriage Tour of Luxor East Bank and Luxor Temple at Sunset


Your eyes will wander through the picturesque Egypt sites that come your way as we take an evening stroll through Luxor Temple and carriage ride through the city.  After our beautiful evening, we will head back to our ship where we will integrate with a sacred sound healing meditation.

Nov 2, Day 8 - Karnak Temple, Sekhmet Shrine, Precinct of Mut


Karnak Temple Complex is considered the largest temple ever built in the history of mankind. We will have a private opening for our group in Sekhmet’s shrine where we will call upon the healing energy of this fiery neter to support us in our divine manifestations. We will also visit the temple dedicated to the Moon as well as, the Precinct of Mut to cap off the day trip. After which, we’ll transfer back to the Dahabiya and sail to Esna.

Nov 3, Day 9- Quarry and Edfu Temple

Enjoy the river’s tranquility as you have your breakfast on the ship and we make our way towards the temple of Esna in the morning and then to Horus' Edfu Temple to continue our mysterious journey to the land of the Divine Child. This path will bring us into a period of reflecting about our inner conflict between our spiritual and Earthly desires.

Nov 4, Day 10 - Kom Ombu Temple

Visit Temple of Kom Ombo, where the two gods Sobek & Haroeris were worshiped and the creation story of the ancient Egyptian Pantheon is etched in the walls. You will also enjoy the mesmerizing and breathtaking view and  end the night with a private ancient chakra activation ceremony at a local aromatherapy shop.

Nov 5, Day 11 - Philea (Isis) Temple Early morning and Sound & Light Show in the Evening


We will make our way early morning under the cover of night to Philea (Isis) Temple where we will have private meditation time in the mystical chambers and receive the divine feminine wisdom from the highly magical neter, Isis. We will then go back to Dahabiya for lunch and dinner and then return to Philea in the evening to watch the exquisite sound and light show.

Nov 6, Day 12 - Nubian Village


After breakfast, you will go on a day tour and visit the Nubian village whose streets are as colorful and vibrant as the warm welcome of the residents. Immerse yourself in their unique customs, traditions, and own language (Nuba) at this village where some of the sacred treasures of Ancient Egyptians are kept.

Nov 7, Day 13 - Abu Simbel


On this day, we will be transferred to a private luxury bus to Abu Simbel. Upon arrival, you will be seeing the gigantic temples which have been incredibly relocated to avoid being sunk forever due to the building of the High Dam. There are two temples here. 

The first one is dedicated to the famous god Rahorakhty while the second one was dedicated to King Ramesses II and his beautiful wife, queen Nefertari. After the tour, we will return to Aswan and fly to Cairo.

Nov 9, Day 14- El Fayoum and Lake Qarun


Your trip will be wrapped up by seeing the wonders of El Fayoum, known as one of the largest Greco-Roman ruins of Karanis. We will also visit Lake Qarum, one of the most important ancient natural lakes where fishing, water sports, and bird watching are commonly practiced. After an all-day tour we will have our closing circle and transfer back to our hotel in Cairo.

Nov 9, Day 15 - Fly back home


Before leaving Cairo, you can enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast at the hotel before proceeding to check out and transfer to Cairo Airport for final departure and fly back home, bringing with you the enlightenment and reflections from the ancient land of Egypt.

Optional add on: Sunrise Balloon ride in Luxor

Illuminated by the early morning sun sail high over the famous monuments of Luxor on a sunrise hot air balloon ride. You'll get unmatched aerial views of landmarks including Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut's Temple, Luxor and Karnak, among other important structures.


Meet your Guides


Heather & Donny Regal

Heather and Donny are the visionary creators of the acclaimed Mystical Alchemy, a prayerformance ministry that holds a sacred space for transformation and spiritual awakening.

Both ordained clergy of the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis, their united passion for reaching higher frequencies has led them to share their gift to humanity by opening the doors of Black Swan Temple.

Based in Maui, Hawaii, the temple is a safe space for those who are looking for an intimate and profound retreat experience. Their programs are curated to support their clients in  harnessing their spiritual gifts and self mastery through yoga, sound healing, as well as the Sevenfold Path of Peace, Non Violent Communication and delicious plant based cuisine. In addition, they also offer Mystery School Training, Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremonies and have created dozens of HypnoSound Healing journeys, music, CDs and award winning experimental films in their 12 years together.


Mohamed Anwer

Mohammed is an expert Egyptologist holding a degree in Tourism and an advanced diploma in Ancient Egyptian Religions. Grew up near Karnak temple, he has dedicated 16 years of his life leading tours and helping visitors take a deep dive into the teachings, knowledge, and cultural experience of Ancient Egypt, allowing them to seize the power of this sacred pilgrimage. 


  • Walk a metaphysical journey of remembering and returning to your spiritual truth and wholeness
  • Discover the imprints of your Soul by accessing the ancient Egyptian energy
  • Be initiated on a mystical journey that will help you to know yourself on a deeper level and awaken your soul’s purpose
  • Discover Ancient Egypt civilization and its influence on your spiritual evolution
  • Have a fun and wonderful time with a community of like minded seekers with whom you can share your journey of transformation


  • Engage in gentle yoga and sound healing sessions that will support you in integrating and getting the most out of your pilgrimage 
  • Attune to yourself after a long period of feeling disconnected
  • Balance out your scattered energy and be in sync with your authentic self
  • Bring back your zest for life by feeling empowered, expanded, inspired and grounded
  • Be supported and guided in a safe and loving container where all of your travel needs are met so that you can relax into and focus on your transformational initiation

The Fees for your Journey

Early Bird Discount - $500 per person off by March 1st

Double Occupancy



$8447 per person 

Deposit: USD$2500 (due at time of booking)


Double Occupancy including Suite with balcony on the Dahabiya sail
$9444 per person

Deposit USD$3000  (due at time of booking)

Single Occupancy



$10947 per person 

Deposit: USD $3000 (due at time of booking)


Single Occupancy including Suite with balcony on the Dahabiya sail
$12,950 per person

Deposit USD $3500 (due at time of booking)




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