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We help Ancient Future Mystics master their gifts and purpose, while overcoming their challenges and weaknesses, in order to transform themselves and our world into a just, peaceful and thriving place to be. 

Meet Donny & Heather

Heather and Donny Regal are the cofounders of the Black Swan Temple and Mystical Alchemy Sound Healing and are both ordained clergy of the Temple of Isis. Heather is also the co-author of RISE AMAZING WOMAN RISE, and LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD. These innovative visionary mystics bring decades of experience as professional performers, healers, producers and agents of change. Heather and Donny, twin flames, have been together creatively and romantically since 2011 and reside at the Black Swan Temple, their beautiful Nature sanctuary in Maui, Hawaii. They have produced over 30 Sound Healing CDs, have won numerous international film and music awards for their mutimedia work, authored the World Fusion Plant Based Recipe Book, and offer sacred sound ceremonies, online mystery school initiations, personal transformative retreats, as well as, sacred pilgrimages to ancient Egypt.

Step Into Your Greatness

Mystery School

We offer online as well as in
person trainings and ceremonies

Sound Healing

We have a vast collection of Sacred Sound Healing Journeys available for download, as well as, sound healing courses.

Sacred Travel

We offer ongoing retreats in Maui, Hawaii, as well as, pilgrimages to Ancient Egypt

Journey with the Ancestors Ritual Guide
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