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3-Day Equinox Online Ritual

September 21st to 23rd

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We help Ancient Future Mystics master their gifts and purpose, while overcoming their challenges and weaknesses, in order to transform themselves and our world into a just, peaceful and thriving place to be. 

Meet Donny & Heather

Heather Salmon and Donny Regal are the cofounders of the Black Swan Temple and Mystical Alchemy Sound Healing and are both ordained clergy of the Temple of Isis. Heather is also the co-author of RISE AMAZING WOMAN RISE, and LEAD AMAZING WOMAN LEAD. These innovative visionary mystics bring decades of experience as professional performers, healers, producers and agents of change. Heather and Donny, twin flames, have been together creatively and romantically for 10 years and reside at the Black Swan Temple, their beautiful Nature sanctuary in Maui, Hawaii.  They have produced over 30 Sound Healing CDs, have won numerous international film and music awards for their mutimedia work, authored the World Fusion Plant Based Recipe Book, and offer sacred sound ceremonies, online mystery school initiations, personal transformative retreats, as well as, sacred pilgrimages to ancient Egypt.



Step Into Your Greatness

Mystery School

We offer online as well as in
person trainings and ceremonies

Sound Healing

We have a vast collection of
Sacred Sound Healing Journeys
available for download, as well as,
sound healing courses.

Sacred Travel

We offer ongoing retreats in
Maui, Hawaii, as well as,
pilgrimages to Ancient Egypt

"I would like to share my gratitude for the Black Swan Mystery School. I had been praying for a mentor, someone to teach me how to use the gift of healing and to access the things I know but had forgotten. Heather guided me to connect with a deep inner wisdom through a variety of practices. I began to awaken to my potential. To tune into my inner voice and clearly express my outer voice. I learned many tools for many different purposes. Exercising these practices empowered me by refining my energy. The practical application of these tools is how I learned to harness the Mystery. I have since transformed into the woman I’ve wanted be, the woman I AM."

Sarah Brooks Kinnally
Priestess Program Initiate

"The 7 Day Equinox online ritual was absolutely awesome! It prepared me to enter into this new season renewed and with more confidence. It also allowed me to focus on releasing anything not serving me. I personally can become extremely anxious when having to play my instrument in public and Heather and Donny gave me practical tools to help me reduce my anxiety and build my confidence. This is just one example. I’m forever grateful to them and the Black Swan Temple. It was a 7 day spiritual journey into the mind, body and spirit. I’m also so grateful that this is online and I can now access this type of learning even in Georgia."

Tiffany Goode
7 Day Equinox Ceremony

"Heather and Donny create a sacred container where a new vision for life, work, esteem and confidence can safely and powerfully emerge. I will always remember the 7 DAYS OF WINTER SOLSTICE 2020. And that’s because of the stream of expansion, growth, connection and celebration created through their exquisite collection of ritual, sacred sound, light transmissions, and practical spiritual tools. BIG GRATITUDE to both Donny and Heather for their loving, healing presence."

Marsh Engle
multi-published author and founder of THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION

"I underestimated the power of a virtual meditation retreat! Thank you Heather and Donny for a beautiful 7 day journey enveloped in a blanket of love! You curated a deeply impactful and unique retreat experience providing the tools to explore, reconnect, heal and expand consciousness. This morning I embraced Hooponopono! And am setting intentions and my altar continues to evolve. You reminded me (once again) that we can nurture and heal ourselves. It is the pure joy that radiates from within you each and every day that says: THIS is your true calling. Thank you both for sharing your gifts."

Brenda Carrier
7 Day Solstice Online Ritual

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