2024: The Year of the Green Wood Dragon

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Get ready for the possibilities and abundance in 2024!  On February 10, 2024, we officially enter the Year of the Green Wood Dragon.  


Dragons are considered to be very auspicious in Chinese astrology because these mythical creatures can swim, fly, walk on land and travel between dimensions.  They symbolize power, honor and success. Dragons are Yang in nature and are enigmatic, intelligent, spiritual and hold the Pearl of Wisdom. 


As we transition into the year of the dragon, it inspires us to set bold goals, tap into our courageous spirit, and soar to new heights. This lunar new year offers opportunities to own our talents and embrace self-expression. The element of green wood, like trees, signifies growth, expansion and creation.  Dragons are intensely focused and when they set goals they dive deep into a subject gaining expertise and mastery.


The Green Wood Dragon is also very social, making 2024 an excellent time for connecting with others, expanding your network, and strengthening relationships.  Engage with like-minded people and share interests, hobbies, or values.


Harness the vibrant energy of the Year of the Green Wood Dragon by starting these practices:


Be a Visionary: Remember your magic!  Be bold!  Take risks and be excited about the amazing things you can do.  Look for ways to expand your horizons, start new projects, upskill, or try new hobbies.


Reflect and recharge: Balance ambition with self-care.  Take time for mindfulness activities like nature walks, meditation, yoga, or sound healing.


Practice compassion: Cultivate empathy and a loving heart.  Behave in accordance with generosity and selflessness as these qualities will bring abundance.


Embrace the journey and trust that success will come in its own time. Trust in the process, your diligence, and resilience.


This powerful year brings growth and success if you stay in our heart and embrace the dragon's bold nature.  But let's also balance its fiery energy with self-awareness, introspection and peace.  Rise up and make this your season of success and breakthroughs!