2023 8.8 lions gate leo lions gate Aug 07, 2023

Heliacal Rising of the “Isis” Star Sirius opens a portal referred to as the “Lion’s Gate.” It occurs when Sirius rises over our horizon and can be seen in just before dawn! This happens annually when our Sun is in the constellation of Leo — hence the term Lion’s Gate and is open for about 14 days -- exact dates depending on latitude.

It is said that evolutionary energy and all of the great Avatars including Isis, Osiris, the Cosmic Christ, and Buddha originated from Sirius. It is believed that it is home to the purest type of love and advanced technology.

On a galactic level, the Lion’s Gate is a portal that enables the rays of Sirius to reach our Earth via our Sun thereby assisting in the activation of dormant DNA encodings and Cosmic Christ seed within. It is said that streaming thru this Lion’s Gate is information and inspiration for the Divine Plan for Earth and all of Humanity!

The number 8 is known as the great Karmic Equalizer and is related to the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect It balances the material and immaterial worlds. On the material plane the highest aspects of the 8 energy is focused on results and manifesting abundance, prosperity, harmony, self confidence, inner strength and power. When placed on its side, the 8 becomes the symbol for infinity ∞ and reminds us that there are infinite creative possibilities.

Lions are not only the symbol of the constellation of Leo we are moving through at this time but they are also the Spirit keepers of this portal, and the Spirit Animal that guards the integrity of Mother Africa! They represent spiritual power and remind us to be courageous, strong, dignified, to have faith and to defend our birthrights! This exalted energy of Leo would also have us courageously take action and step into our sovereignty.

Take a moment on this day to open your heart and receive the powerful frequencies of this Lions Gate transmission. Hold the highest vision for your life and humanity.