A Potent Cleansing Period this Aquarius New Moon

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The Aquarius New Moon marks the last day of the Water Rabbit and then on February 10th we welcome the Year of the Green Wood Dragon!

As the Lunar Imbolc moon enters Aquarius on February 9th, the influence of this airy sign will reveal to us that chaos and discomfort are what we need to embrace as part of the rebirth and transformation process! How do you respond to change – with resistance, acceptance, or curiosity?

Aquarius, with its forward-thinking and individualistic nature, propels us towards progress. With Pluto moving through Aquarius for the next 20 years, its influence signals a significant shift on a collective level. We will use this phase to release outdated structures and beliefs, making way for the emergence of the new. Seize the opportunity now to:

Practice compassion and patience. The dynamic synergy of Uranus in Taurus is intensifying instability and disruptions. During this time, practice stillness and extend kindness to yourself. Recognize that any emotions you experience in this period are normal so honor them as part of the cleansing process.

Adjust your focus. The influence of Aquarius energy is guiding you during this purging phase, ensuring that you stay centered on your journey. Embrace the air sign’s influence to redirect your focus towards what truly matters, and diminish the sense of frustration associated with the Pluto and Mars combination at this time.

Embrace learning and growth. While the unexpected nature of letting go may be surprising, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and healing, works with Aquarius to remind us that hidden beneath it all is a gift of wisdom. Stay committed to your grounding practices, connect with the Divine, and appreciate the profound beauty of this period.

Stay in high spirits. Know that this is an opportunity for renewal and growth, so take the Aquarius Ritual/Challenge to harness the energy of this lunar phase and help you navigate this phase with resilience and self-trust!