Selket: Egyptian Goddess of Healing and Protection

ancient egypt egypt scorpion goddess selket Nov 22, 2023
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Selket, also known as Serqet, was the ancient Egyptian neteru of healing and protection. Her name is derived from the word “selk”, meaning “to breathe”, reflecting her power to heal and activate life-giving forces. She was believed to be a child of Isis, the goddess of fertility and motherhood, and Horus, the god of sky and protection. ☁️✨

Selket is depicted as a scorpion or a woman with a scorpion on her head . Despite the deadly nature of their stings, Egyptians viewed scorpions as symbols of protection. She emerged as a divine figure with the power over scorpions and control them at will. 🦂 ⚡

Selket served as the guardian of the dead. While she is a protective goddess, she also can punish the wrongdoers using the venom of a scorpion or a snake. Just as she has the power to cause harm, she also grants resurrection to the justified dead, facilitating their rebirth in the afterlife. 🌱💫

Her venomous scorpion symbol represented her ability to ward off evil spirits and heal venomous stings. Egyptians also believed she could cure snake and scorpion bites with her magic. She was also known as the protector of the sun god Ra from snake bites and scorpion stings and shielded the pharaoh and Egypt from evil spirits and disease. 🔺

Selket was thought to nurture women during childbirth. Her powers were also harnessed to protect sacred places. She is the first neteru one sees when exiting from immigration in the Cairo Airport!🌟

To connect with her energy, wear or carry an image of a scorpion and imagine it emitting a protective shield around you. In moments of vulnerability or threat, call upon Selket to safeguard you with her magic. ✨🌟

Her significant contributions demonstrate that her power transcends time and space.

May we call upon her now, during our collective time of need. For protection of the innocents in Palestine, in Congo, in Ethiopia, in the Ukraine and all places of war.

We call upon Selket to become our ally and guardian at this time of our great need. 💫