Celebrate Imbolc As We Step Towards Spring

imbolc imbolc 2023 winter fire festival Feb 01, 2023

Imbolc, February 1st/2nd, is a Winter Fire Festival!  In the Celtic tradition, this great wheel of the year sabbat was a celebration of the lengthening of the light!  The divine spark that was rebirthed in the darkest hour of Winter Solstice is now beginning to grow.  Nature is waking up!  The seeds that we are wanting to germinate are about ready to be planted!  Now is the time to clear the way so that they can grow — literally and spiritually!

Many people around the world celebrate this Ancient Celtic tradition that marks the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox (northern hemisphere) through symbolic offerings and rituals to honor the Spring fertility Goddess Brigid.  She governs the fires of the hearth and of our imagination and arts including that of poetry, and blacksmithing.  She is a healer and is said to have been known to feed the poor. 

Imbolc is an auspicious time to stoke the fires within and perhaps light a fire or a candle and honor the divine feminine.  One can seek guidance on divine awakening, as well as ask for blessing for the seeds of your intentions.

Something remarkable is happening right now.  Ireland is recognizing Brigid after many centuries of being oppressed and Christianized as St. Brigid.  She is being honored with her official national holiday, February 1st this year and there is a growing revival of this festive time!  This is an exciting and another example of the divine feminine rising again.


Celebrating the Magic of Imbloc in Your Life

Whether Imbolc is something new to you or it’s something you celebrate for years, this season is a good time for reflecting on which areas of your life need new and healthy seeds to sprout. Create a space to welcome these opportunities and soon, a new life will be born. Here are some ways to get started.


Leave Out the Old to Welcome the New in Your Homes

Arrange your home by cleaning the area and decluttering what’s no longer in use. This cleansing symbolizes breaking free from old patterns and stagnant energies that are blocking abundance to get in.


Recharge and Renew Yourself

Nourish yourself through soothing bath rituals, soaking up in the sun, or anything that will allow you to purely immerse yourself in the majestic touch of nature. Our bodies carry us through the complex depths of human experience. Caring for ourselves means grounding our emotional, mental, and spiritual being too.


Reflect on the Past to Embrace the Present

Lastly, light a fire or candle and reflect on the new insights you’ve gained in the past few months. The long nights of Winter Solstice offered us time for introspection. As the Universe opens up a chance for new beginnings, it’s time to get the work done, integrate these lessons, and create our dream reality.


Together, let’s start this season by celebrating the potential that’s ahead of us.