Maui Fire Disaster Updates & Resources

Aug 15, 2023
💗Prayers for Maui
(sound on and envision Maui and all of her people being infused with beautiful blue, pink and gold healing light)
We pray for the souls whose lives were taken through these tragic fires. May they ascend upon the wings of angels to the highest heavenly realms.
May  those who have lost their loved ones be comforted and strengthened during this difficult time.
May those who have lost their homes find shelter and have all their needs met.
May the entire population of Maui be comforted, supported and strengthened to move forward.
May we come together with love, kindness and compassion through this difficult time. May those who's livelihoods are affected be resilient and be supported.
As we pick up the pieces on our path to recovery may we aloha malama pono aina and raise up Hawaiian voices and visions for this island. May we have respect and reverence for these lands and the ancestors.
May we find a way to restore balance with the elementals. May we live a way that allows the aina to regenerate. May we be humble and walk the path of righteousness. May we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to know the highest path forward so that we may live in peace and harmony with all that be.
May we find peace within our hearts and extend that peace throughout our community and to the world.
Stay focused on the Light.
May it be and it is so.
Peace! Peace! Peace!
Heather & Donny Regal
Black Swan Temple Farm
Maui, Hawaii
Personal Friends 

Tanya Miller

Kelley & Vinni.

Ashley Ruzo.

Temple of Peace


Maui Fire Disaster Relief
Maui Mutual Aid
Find Resources. Volunteer. Donate.
FEMA Assistance
(800)621-3342 (FEMA)
Disaster Unemployment Assistance
SBA Loans for Businesses destroyed
(Including Agriculture and non-profits)
*To apply for SBA loan, must FIRST register with FEMA,
Then visit
Crisis Mental Health Services Maui (CMHC)
In Person:
121 Mahalani St Wailuku
M-F 8am-4:30pm
Over Phone: (808)984-2150
Help for Pre/Post Natal families & Birth Workers
Text (808)283-9646
Volunteer, donations, questions
Kris 808-870-0553
Housing availability
Alicia 925-338-1505
Maggie 808-283-0109
Here’s the long term solution for pairing needs with volunteers to meet those needs
War memorial needs donations of
Non-perishable food, bottled water, hygiene items, blankets, slippers, men's underwear, clothing, pillows, large duffel bags and storage containers.
No current need for clothing donation but need someone to launder. No more need for immediate food Lāhainā side they want batteries, solar panels, white canopy tents, caution tape, orange cones, vhf radios