Tap Into Your Inner Compass this Pisces Super New Moon

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Are you attuned to your soul’s innate wisdom? Do you honor your intuition? Coming in this March 10, 2024, the Pisces Super New Moon is paving its way in the cosmos to remind us of our unyielding connection to our innate inner knowing.

As the most spiritual and imaginative sign, Pisces reminds us to harness the strong energies of sensitivity, empathy, and creativity during this sacred period. As we’re starting with a new cycle, it’s the perfect time to plant new seeds of intentions in our lives. But how do we know what choices align with our highest good? It’s attuning to our inner compass that illuminates the way forward.

Stand your ground. The lingering effects of Mars-Jupiter's influence are felt during this period, triggering a clash of ideas. Holding on to your beliefs is a must. Be a light shining in the dark, not letting others tell you what to think.

Find solitude. Mercury aligning with Neptune creates an atmosphere ripe with inspiration and dreamy energy, perfect for nurturing creative endeavors. Make the most out of it by withdrawing from the hustle and bustle to tap into your creativity with greater clarity and focus.

Be flexible. With the volatile energy of Venus and Uranus, it’s important to stay open to other possibilities. Have faith in the process and know that as long as you continue listening within, your intuition will steer you to where you need to go.

If you’ve been feeling lost for a while, this Pisces Super New Moon is shining a light on your path! Take our Pisces Super New Moon Ritual/Challenge today to make the most out of this season. 


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