Spring Equinox 2024 Online Ritual REPLAY

2024 spring spring equinox spring equinox 2024 spring equinox ritual Mar 19, 2024
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Can you feel the warm, inviting, and invigorating energy of renewal of the season?   By attuning ourselves to the energy of spring, we can tap into its transformative power and embrace the opportunities for growth and renewal that it offers.

It’s time to set intentions, plant seeds of hope, and embrace new beginnings.

While the Equinox and our astrological new year arrived yesterday March 19th at the Sun moved into Aries at 8:06pm ET, we are still in doorway of this magical time for 3 more days.

The next three days are a potent time for visioning and setting your intentions! We invite you to spend an hour or so and tune into our Spring Equinox online ritual and do your spiritual gardening!

Setting intentions:

-  Things that you are currently working on changing and want to continue working on changing.

- List new desires – things you want to create within the next 3 month period. 

- State and restate personal and global longer term dreams that you don’t necessarily expect to manifest within the next 3 months.

Write them down.  Be clear and specific.  And then let them go stating "May this or something even greater manifest, so be it as it serves the Highest Good!"