Solar Eclipse in Aries New Moon initiates Inspired Action

april 19 solar eclipse 2023 aries new moon aries solar eclipse 2023 astrology Apr 18, 2023

Your “I Am” Mantra Brought by the Rarest Solar Eclipse in Aries New Moon 

Eclipse has always meant transformation and massive shifts in the astrological realm. We are being called to reevaluate our life and leave what is no longer serving us. But come April 19, 2023, we are about to experience an eclipse like no other. Moon comes in close to the Sun to form the solar eclipse, the rarest form of all.

This Solar Eclipse in Aries New Moon is All About You

The eclipse falls under 29 degrees of Aries New Moon. As the first sign of the zodiac and the fiery ram that characterizes self-awareness, independence, and impulsivity, and possesses the newborn initiatory energy – as if you’re exploring the world for the first time.

The Drive to Evolve is Like No Other

The  “I Am” mantra is heavily brought by this eclipse  and asks you to incorporate the following actions in the coming months:


    • Get started on that one thing that’s important to you. The eclipse equips you with the driving force to work on something that is aligned with your beliefs and values.
    • Allow yourself to see different perspectives. Looking at things from a brand new set of eyes may inspire you to make drastic changes in your life.
    • Embrace your independence. Your Higher self knows if something is worth pursuing or not. 



The Pluto in Aquarius Heightens Up the Solar Eclipse

This Solar Eclipse is squaring or in tension with Pluto in Aquarius. When Pluto makes a square, there’s something that permanently shifts on a collective level. We are moving forward at an accelerated speed due to the Aquarian influence of breaking through limitations. 

The Solar Eclipse Empowers Your Growth

This means that whatever change you’re about to create or witness in your life, it’s something that you need to experience to evolve in this lifetime. It’s big and momentous, the kind that shakes you to the core. With a sense of optimism and the powerful energy from the solar eclipse, you’re ready to manifest what you want to see next.

Use the Powerful Eclipses to Transform Your Life

It’s the first among four eclipses of 2023. Four transformative energies that can be harnessed for your healing, growth, and self-mastery. Make the most out of it to create the visions and aspirations for your life.