Step Into Your Power This Spring Equinox and Aries New Moon

aries new moon new moon in aries spring equinox Mar 20, 2023
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When we speak of the new moon, we often think about beginnings, birth, and new opportunities. It is the reason why this lunar phase is the perfect time for setting new intentions and manifestations. Whether you’ve been familiarized or not in the significance of the new moon, this upcoming lunar phase should not be overlooked. 


Get Ready to Begin Anew This New Moon and Aries and Spring Equinox

On March 21, 2023, the New Moon in Aries helps you to open up a deeper sense of self this season. Aries is the first sign after the Sun transits all the 12 zodiac signs. It represents new energies to prepare for a new cycle. And it comes just right after the Spring Equinox on March 20, it is a prelude to a remarkably powerful beginning! It is a potent season for planting new seeds of hope. Performing meditation, Earth rituals, and connecting with nature can help you get the clarity to realize what you need to create or manifest.


Feel More Empowered to Step Up With the Aries Energy

The sun and moon will be at zero degrees of Aries which represents a clear starting point and a clean slate of possibilities and potentials. Aries being the cardinal zodiac sign representing grit, instinct, and ambition, the desire to emerge as a greater version of yourself is like no other. Step into your bravery, sovereignty, and autonomy because the Universe will empower you to reach a whole new array of potential and soul growth.


Pluto in Aquarius Pushes You to Be Brave to Begin

If that is not enough confirmation, Pluto in Aquarius comes in 2 days later on March 23. When the planet of transformation ingress into the water sign representing freedom and innovation, the message is very clear. It assures you that you are ready to experience new stories and adventures in your life. It could be something that is new to your spiritual path or something that you are ready to take next after all the transformation that made you who you are now.


Trusting the Intuitive Message is the Key

Such huge movements. Trust the intuitive message because the lunar phase, astrological shifts, and Spring Equinox are collectively working together to get you into the place of your next evolution.