The Positive Significance of Friday the 13th

2023 divine feminine divine feminine energy friday the 13th Jan 13, 2023

 Historically our ancestors rejoiced on Friday the 13th as it was considered the Day of the Goddess. It was a powerful day to embrace your feminine energy and manifest the beauty and harmony that you can offer to the world,


Friday is a Celebration of Divine Feminine Energy

Friday is associated with Venus, who we know as the Goddess of Divine Feminine Energy. Venus encourages us to use our intuition and innate creativity to recalibrate our body, mind, and spirit.


Vendridi = venus (French for Friday)

13 cycles of the moon

Women ovulate on 13th day of their cycle


13th Represents Fertility

The number 13 represents the rebirth and creation of life, which makes it a highly vibrational feminine energy that honors female fertility and the capability to bear new life onto the Earth.   The combination of these two potent Divine feminine representations makes Friday the 13th an auspicious time to celebrate life through arts, healing, and music to soothe our souls.


Friday the 13th is a Celebration of Our Divine Power

There’s feminine energy dwelling in all of us, which makes Friday the 13th a day not only for women but for men too. It’s an auspicious time to honor ourselves and express gratitude to the abundance from the Highest Divine Power.