August 1st, 2023 - Reaching the Highest Heights this Aquarius Supermoon

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August 1st, 2023 - What feels real to you right now? What gives your life meaning and direction? Welcome 1 August 2023 with the bold energy of Aquarius Supermoon! It’s also a time to commemorate the wonderful Gaelic festival. Lughnasadh, or Lammas, marks the beginning of harvest season. 

Remember that your progress is always something worth celebrating as much as your goals coming to fruition!

Aquarius Supermoon Invites Us to Become Realistic and Practical

The Aquarian energy steps in to help us to reach for our dreams in consistent and practical ways.  As the Sun in Leo sits on its polar opposite of the astrological axis, the tandem of these two energies is the perfect match to inspire us to keep reaching for our dreams while grounding ourselves in reality. May this be a reminder that the intensity of our manifestations should match the power of our actions.

Here’s how you can tune in to the energies from the Aquarius supermoon:

  • Start small. We often get lost in the haze of wanting something big and demanding ourselves to make bold actions too. As the Aquarius Supermoon squares Jupiter in Taurus, it asks you to break down your big dream into smaller, achievable goals.
  • Take consistent actions. Sometimes success is easy to magnetize and manifest; and sometimes can take a combination of grit, commitment, and hard work. Do something every day that gets you closer to your goals.   
  • Push through setbacks. Uranus will be in retrograde in this month of August. This planet of rebellion and innovation is telling us that setbacks are normal. In fact, there are things that are meant to be shaken up so we could better see the bigger picture. Where ever there's a break down, a break through is inevitable!


Tuning to Aquarius Supermoon Can Shift Our Reality

Your manifestations will come true if you start putting those thoughts and intentions into doable actions. Do what you need to do to transform your reality!