Prepare for Heightened Emotions this Full Moon in Cancer

astrology cancer epiphany full moon full moon in cancer sirius Jan 06, 2023

Looking at the astrological calendar today, It seems like 2023 is already calling us to face ourselves beyond our physical entirety. It might have to do with Mars (the planet of action is moving backward until January 12) and Mercury (the planet of communication in backspin until January 18) which are still in full swing retrograde. The feeling of being stuck to act out on our grandiose plans and big action might be what’s running on the mind among many of us. While this may feel frustrating, it's the Universe asking us to look at things hiding in plain sight that will bring us into an intense epiphany moment as Full Moon in Cancer steps in.


January 6 is also the Day of Epiphany

January 6 is also the Day of Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas, that commemorates the 3 wise men or Magi’s visit to baby Jesus and the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. It reminds the manifestation of Christ on Earth as both fully human and fully divine.


It’s Also the Day for Connecting to Higher Frequencies to Sirius

There’s also a sacred gateway opening in the heavens to channel and connect with the star Sirius as it meets with our Sun for our own spiritual advancement. Known as our Spiritual Sun in Ancient Cultures, Sirius is considered the source of life on this planet. It holds the energy of birth, warmth, and light so getting in tune with its frequency activates our memories of home and origin.


The Full Moon in Cancer

On January 6 at 6:08 p.m. ET/3:08 p.m. PT, the nurturing, sentimental, and family-oriented energy of Cancer steps into the full lunar phase. As the sign ruled by the moon itself, they will only amplify each other’s qualities, with the moon associated with unconscious minds, emotions, intuition, and childhood.

The full moon in Cancer is calling us to dig deep at the core of our emotions, tend to our needs, and reflect on our attachment to people – most especially our loved ones. It’s time to have an earnest look to identify which relationships are truly serving and which are not. 


Tune In to Full Moon in Cancer and Free Yourself from Planetary Retrogrades

This opens a chance for self-reflection since the full moon aids in helping you process your emotional depth. You might even have the zest of energy to act out on your plans.

While we embrace this productivity, you must watch out on this Wolf Full Moon and imagine yourself as a hunter in the wild.  You don’t just dive right into the jungle without looking for hidden traps brought by retrograde. There is wisdom in waiting.

Act out in the right moment, and stride in once you have the next step. The rewards are sweeter if you heed your intuition call that knows the best way forward.