7/3/23 -Remembering Our Roots this Capricorn Supermoon

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July 3, 2023 - After a busy and exhausting day, where is your safe space? Do you have an inner world where you can express yourself authentically? This July 3, 2023, the Capricorn Supermoon illuminates one of the keys to achieving your goals and that is remembering your roots. 


The Cancer Influence Balances the Goal-Setter Capricorn


The goal-setter and logical Capricorn inspires us to be an authority in our lives, run our own show, and consistently show up to get things done. While these are admirable qualities of this Earth sign, they also have the tendency to overextend themselves. And this is where the Sun in Cancer steps in as its polar opposite. Known as the Divine Mother, cosmic womb, and vortex of life that birthed this world, it balances the energies of pragmatic Capricorn. This time calls for the need to value our roots and principles that make up who we really are as we create our manifestations.


  • Remember who you are and where you came from. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by pressuring ourselves and pleasing others that we start to lose our own identity. Revisiting our roots reminds us of what our heart truly wants. When we are heart-centered, it becomes much easier to calibrate our minds in creating actions of what we think will serve our highest good.
  • Do something you love. Going back to our roots does not always have to be a physical location. More often than not, it can be about reigniting our passion. What is one thing that you’ve always loved doing for yourself? Can you notice how you feel when you do it?
  • Appreciate the slow progress. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is retrograde in Pisces which teaches you the beauty of slow progress. A period of introspection is necessary to gain a different point of view and carefully walk your path which truly honors your ideals and true desires. Take this time to heed the Divine messages that offer you clarity.


Welcome Fulfillment in Your Life By Remembering Your Roots

Your goals are big and bright, just as how the Capricorn Supermoon is. But getting caught up in the futuristic mindset makes us neglect the present moment, which is equally important as what’s coming next. Remember your roots and find your solace to keep you grounded. There’s a different level of fulfillment and sense of purpose when you're connected to your core.