[VIDEO REPLAY] June 21st, 2024 Enriching Your Inner World With Capricorn Full Moon

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Experience the magic of the Summer Solstice on June 20, reminding you to embrace and shine with your own radiance! Are you living a balanced life? Do you feel a sense of balance and harmony within? This June 21, 2024, the Capricorn in Full Moon arrives to push us to get real about balancing our goals with caring for our inner selves! Use the extra motivation to look at different areas of our lives and see where we need to grow.


Capricorn is an ambitious, hardworking sign focused on long-term goals, so expect to be more inspired and invigorated during this period! But as we’re working on our practical responsibilities, we must never take for granted to enrich our spiritual life, our relationships, and our passions. You may feel torn balancing them all together but find ways to prioritize both areas for greater harmony and fulfillment!


Use this auspicious period to:


Take time to rest. Capricorn's energy makes us want to overwork ourselves chasing after our goals. But with the sun in the caring Cancer, it's important to find a balance between our outer world and spiritual endeavor.


Listen to your intuition. Shortly after the full moon, Saturn will go retrograde in Pisces. This amplifies our intuition and emotions, so don't ignore the messages from within. Your inner voice holds wisdom that logic can't provide.


Letting go of control. With Capricorn influencing the tenacious Mars in Aries, it urges us to embrace responsibility and maturity by releasing the need to excessively force things to happen. Our hard work doesn't guarantee anything, so trust in the flow of life and allow the universe to bring what is meant for us.


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This period is asking us to balance our lives to clarify our direction and purpose. As you grasp firmly on your ambitions and goals, don’t lose sight of who you truly are within; this inner compass can guide you to greater success and breakthroughs!