Stay True and Courageous this Full Moon in Leo

2023 full moon full moon in leo leo Feb 05, 2023

Change is something we people don’t take on lightly in our lives. Whether it’s something that we wanted or not, there’s always the feeling of uncertainty, risk, and fear that steps in because it challenges belief systems, established habits, working norms, and even safety.

But coming in Full Moon in Leo this February 5, 2023, there is this surge of courage that pushes you to go forward even if the rewards are not guaranteed. With the sun and moon squaring Uranus, the planet of rebellion, these are volatile changes. It could be something that’s been holding you back for a long time.


Tune In To Your Heart and Be Bold this Full Moon in Leo

A sign associated with leadership and integrity, Leo influences you to take charge of your own life and meet the standards you have set for yourself. A believer of the truth? Be the truth. This season pushes you to stay true to the matters of your heart. Leos are known for having a strong heart chakra. Deep down, you know who you are, what you want, and what you need. Now is the time to act with integrity, stand firm, and walk the talk.


The Resistance May Feel Tempting, But Keep Going

Despite the confident and self-assured Leo, the fixed sign’s shadows are insecurity and humiliation, the Leo lunar energy might put you in a place of shrinking yourself small to please others and maintain a certain image. Please know that dimming your light doesn’t serve the world. You were born to manifest the Divine knowledge within you. Let your own light shine because it inspires others to liberate themselves from their own fear too.

May the call of change be your greatest discovery.