Look Back to See Where You can Grow Next this Scorpio Full Moon in Lunar Beltane Eclipse

2023 beltane beltane eclipse lunar eclipse scorpio full moon May 04, 2023

May 5, 2023, the Flower Moon, Scorpio Eclipse and Lunar & Solar Beltane will leave no place untouched. Beltane marks the midway point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice and is Celtic celebration that means “springtime festival of optimism.”

Things are green, growing and flowering, and this Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse is illuminating all things that need to be weeded out so that we like Nature can grow and flourish, for this is our true nature!


Our Emotions Make Our Human Experience Whole

Our human experience is tied to our emotions. Growth comes when we learn to acknowledge our emotions as they can guide us to places of ecstatic bliss and fulfillment or to the dark depths of despair and victimhood.  Being in touch with how we truly feel is the key to evolving in this lifetime.


Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Beltane Eclipse Are Bringing Vulnerability to the Surface for Self-Growth

But often this does not come easy.  Prepare to experience heightened emotions this Scorpio Full Moon, especially with the most intense water sign. Scorpio is all about diving deep into our feelings, even the most uncomfortable and difficult ones that we have buried.


The Law of Growth Can Help Us Learn How to Navigate this Season

Embrace the call for change, culmination, and transformation brought by the Lunar Eclipse and make the most out of this Beltane season. Life will only blossom to fulfill our dreams if we remember how aligning with the Law of Growth will serve us well during this profound time: 

  • The world keeps changing colors and seasons so creation should be constant. In order to grow into the person you aspire to be, be bold to go inwards and face all your old baggage. Uproot stagnant energies that hinder you from expressing the fullness of your being.
  • What we harvest in each area of our life is determined by the kind and quality of the seeds that we plant and how we nourish them. Taking a step is one thing, make sure that you are moving from a place of good intentions and gratitude to attract the same energy back.
  • Create an environment of harmony in your life. Everything that surrounds you is energy so what you allow in your field will affect your life’s self-expression.


Be Inspired to Grow through the Beltane Significance

For Ancient Celtics, Beltane is a season of nurturing and growth and is celebrated with bonfires, spiritual marriages, maypoles, and dancing to harmonize with the Nature spirits for the coming months ahead. This shift is preparing us to expand in a way we have never done before.


Elevate Your Life By Facing These Old Feelings

Allow the astrological movement of this eclipse to resurface raw and deep feelings and beliefs that are ready to be transformed and open yourself up to a new paradigm of freedom and acceptance. This will prepare you for a better version of yourself that is ready to take to greater heights in life!