Exploring Your Personal Power this Virgo Full Moon

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 How do you express your sovereignty in your everyday life? Where do you feel empowered, and where do you lack assertion? As the meticulous Full Moon in Virgo graces the night sky on February 24, 2024, we are invited to delve deep into the dynamics of power within ourselves and how we express it to the world.

Known for its analytical and discerning nature, the Virgo energy is inspiring us to delve within, scrutinizing how we portray ourselves to the world and the profound impact it has on our relationships, sense of community, and overall life journey. We are urged to uncover how we utilize our own power and its manifestations in our daily lives. Make the most out of this vigorous season to:

Stand up for your values. With the volatile Mars and transformational Pluto in Aquarius influencing this lunation, it reminds us that change is inevitable, urging us to introspect deeply. How strongly do you stand for your truth? Embrace your beliefs fiercely, for in times of transformation, your soul's truth needs to be heard.

Examine your relationships. The Venus conjunction in Pluto during this period shines a light on power dynamics within our relationships, whether romantic, familial, or professional. Assess if your relationships are grounded in equality and mutual respect and what areas in your life you assert our boundaries.

Become more accountable. With Saturn in Pisces influencing Virgo, the cosmos invites you to embrace accountability by taking greater responsibilities. Now is the time to take ownership of your actions, decisions, and commitments, ushering in a heightened self-awareness.

Let us celebrate the moments of empowerment while courageously addressing the areas where we may need to grow for a more purposeful and authentic living! 

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