Oct/14 Finding Your Center this Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse

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How are you embracing balance and harmony in your life is the inquiry this Eclipse Season! The portal opens with the Annular Solar Eclipse in Libra New Moon on October 14th, where the moon will stand between the Earth and the sun, temporarily obscuring its light.  The eclipse portal completes with the October 28/29 Solar Eclipse during which our group will be doing a private sound healing ritual in the Great Pyramid, and between the paws of the Sphinx in Egypt!  

This week’s lunar eclipse is a powerful invitation to set intentions related to the Libra energy - our relationships, connection, and peace. What do you want to create in your life that will bring equilibrium? What gives you inner peace and harmony?  






First location to see the partial eclipse begin

Oct. 14, 5:03:50 AM

Oct. 14, 8:03:50 AM

Oct. 14, 11:03:50 AM

Oct. 14, 3:03:50 PM

First location to see the full eclipse begin

Oct. 14, 6:10:11 AM

Oct. 14, 9:10:11 AM

Oct. 14, 12:10:11 PM

Oct. 14, 4:10:11 PM

Maximum Eclipse

Oct. 14, 7:59:32 AM

Oct. 14, 10:59:32 AM

Oct. 14, 1:59:32 PM

Oct. 14, 5:59:32 PM

Last location to see the full eclipse end

Oct. 14, 9:49:01 AM

Oct. 14, 12:49:01 PM

Oct. 14, 03:49:01 PM

Oct. 14, 7:49:01 PM

Last location to see the partial eclipse end

Oct. 14, 10:55:16 AM

Oct. 14, 1:55:16 PM

Oct. 14, 4:55:16 PM

Oct. 14, 8:55:16 PM

Symbolized by the scales, Libra is deeply connected to fairness and balance. The New Moon Solar Eclipse invites us into a potent period of self-reflection - a time to delve into the depths of our very essence, revealing both our light and shadows. It calls us to honor our individual needs, and not push ourselves beyond our limits. By embracing harmony within, we ignite a new beginning. Harness the power of this transformative period by doing the following:

Reflect on your inner scale - The Libra energy is calling for a reset in your life. Assess and ask yourself, are there any areas in your life where you feel imbalanced or out of alignment? Take some steps to bring yourself back into equilibrium.

Embrace Change - With Mercury conjunct with this lunation, we may have access to new information that will push us to change things around. Rather than being discouraged, take this as an opportunity for growth and expansion.

Check your social circle - Libras are known for being sociable, and Pluto’s movement before this period invites you to look at the quality of relationships in your life. Are they inspiring to bring out the best version of yourself, or do they pull your energy down?

It’s a potent period to bring awareness within ourselves and introduce change where it’s necessary. Take this moment to transform your life for the better!

Lastly, the Taurus Lunar Eclipse that bookends this eclipse season, steps in by October 28/29, 2023. Taurus is an earth sign that governs our values and possessions.  It exudes strength, tenacity, and power. This eclipse will push us to go forward to something that we’ve already planned for so long, even if it involves stirring emotional reactions. But this will come in easy for us to let go because we're also starting to see things in a new light.

Are you creating a dedicated space for peace in your life? This Libra season is the perfect time to check in on how you're using up your energy. Join our Black Swan Temple community now!