June 17/18, 2023 Honoring Our Authentic Voice this Cancer New Moon

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The modern societal standard makes it easy to lose sight of who we truly are and blindly conform to what’s deemed right and acceptable, even if it means detaching from our real selves. Coming this July 17, the New Moon in Cancer asks us to break away from the illusion and finally rise up to honor our authentic voice.


Cancer New Moon Invites You to Seek Your Home

The nurturing nature of Cancer is now calling you to seek your home, and it’s not a physical location but this home means your Highest self.  And as the North and South Node ingress into Aries, the sign of passion and drive, and Libra, characterizing harmony and balance, it only means that the light and joy you’ve been searching for is up for yours to take!


What are the things you’re passionate about? What gives you a sense of peace? Make the most out of this Cancer New Moon with the concrete steps:


  • Embrace your vulnerability. When you're letting go of who you think you are supposed to be, it may feel uncomfortable to expose your raw version. And this fear gets intensified as both luminaries are opposing Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. The transformation may be unfamiliar but embrace the cleansing and purging energies for your own good.
  • Cultivate positive thoughts. Fill yourself with loving and encouraging thoughts. You are just starting to become more honest with yourself so know that some things take time to get used to. Know that you have the choice if you want to be your greatest critic or your Divine nurturer.
  • Look for a mentor or a guardian. Cancer represents family, home life, and emotional security. If you're not comfortable walking in the unfamiliar territory of self-expression, know that you can always reach out to a community that understands you until you become more comfortable yourself.


Finding Your Authentic Voice is Your Key to Fulfillment

You would move through life in a grounded way if you act on what's true to your heart. It even opens us to a new journey of spiritual enlightenment. You will gain new belief systems that serve your highest good and attract the right set of people. Now’s the time to rise to your Greatness.