Daring to be a Visionary this Capricorn New Moon

2024 capricorn capricorn new moon new moon in capricorn Jan 09, 2024
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Do you dare to make your aspirations and dreams come true? This 2024, it’s time to be bold and take action, especially with the influence of the Capricorn New Moon coming this January 11, 2024.

Capricorn is a sign embodying discipline, ambition, and pursuing long-term goals. This is your perfect time to build the future you want. As 2023 was a year of rising to your individuality and sovereignty, the choices you’ve made and the paths you’ve taken in the past year have led you to this point. Take 2024 as an opportunity now to make your grand desires come to life. Make the most out of this season to:

Build what you want. With the futuristic Uranus influencing the Capricorn New Moon, it’s time to step forward and lay on the bricks of your hardwork and perseverance. The astrological movements are helping you to progress with your plans to chase your meaningful goals.
Embrace radical changes. You are setting yourself up for an immense transformation! And Uranus in Taurus is ushering in supportive energies to go ahead with it. It might be something that you’ve been pondering for quite a while, and this is a period where you gain clarity to change your reality.

Accept new insights. The alignment of Mercury, Mars, and Pluto encourages the transmission of messages that can provide clarity and guidance. Stay receptive to the inner messages and intuitive flashes that may come your way, as they can offer valuable insights to help you plan your next steps.

This 2024, prepare yourself to embody an empowered version of who you are by engaging in a Capricorn ritual in the community. Seize the uplifting energy surrounding you and let it take you towards a fresh beginning, driving you to take courageous leaps forward.