Get Inspired but Also Let Things Be This Gemini New Moon | June 17-18 2023

2023 gemini gemini new moon mid year new moon new moon in gemini Jun 15, 2023

June 17/18, 2023 - We are halfway into 2023, which means that for most of us, it’s time to check the mid-year goals that we planned at the beginning of the year. Are you on board with everything or do you feel like you got somewhat off-track? Whatever the answer is, the Gemini New Moon steps in this June 17-18 to give us new insights that will benefit us and our desired future!


The Mercury in Its Ruling Sign Is Amplifying the Gemini Energy

A sign governing ideas and communication, Gemini energy wants to take in all the information available. It is curious and asks questions. This gets amplified by Mercury which is in its ruling sign of Gemini so everyone’s powers of intellect are improved at the moment. Expect to be busier as insights and ideas flow through. Shifting priorities is possible too. If you are working on a project, whether it’s for your personal passion, career, and even self-improvement, make the most out of this New Moon in Gemini Energy by:


  • Engaging with people. Connect to your tribe. The Messenger is the Gemini Archetype so this is a time for us to learn new insights and put them into good use. Gemini is also about duality so it’s a two-way street where we are both a student and a teacher at the same time. We are encouraged to share ideas with other people that can help them with their endeavors.


  • Decluttering your space and mind. It’s hard to take all this new information coming in so if something tells you to revamp your home or your personal workstation, do it! It may increase your productivity and strengthen your focus. In addition, do an honest assessment of what works for you and what doesn’t so you can shift your energy to what’s truly important.


  • Letting go and taking it easy. Neptune in Pisces is squaring this Gemini New Moon. It’s a new territory for these two planets so both of their fleeting and intuitive natures can confuse the logical Gemini that can easily verbalize what it needs. Accept that you might not get your answer right away and learn to trust the Universe’s timing. You will have it when you are ready.


The Gemini New Moon Wants You to Celebrate Yourself

It’s a wonderful time to grow and expand in the Gemini New Moon to prepare us for where we are headed next. Just keep in mind that shifting directions is not always a bad thing and can, in fact, lead us to better outcomes. For now, give yourself credit for your mid-year wins and progress!