September 14/15, 2023 Time for a Deep Cleanse and Renewal this Virgo New Moon

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Time for a Deep Cleanse and Renewal this Virgo New Moon

Do you feel your cluttered mind and energy are making you stagnant? September 14, 2023 is the time to kick the gear and get inspired by the meticulous energy of Virgo New Moon!


Let Virgo New Moon Inspire Your Productivity

As the embodiment of the High Priestess archetype, the Virgo new moon urges us to tap into our sacred wisdom to invite transformative changes into our lives. Efficiency and improvement is the theme of this lunation. The beauty of it all is that this earth sign is harmoniously supported by the surrounding planetary shifts, amplifying its potential impact. To make the most of this lunation, here are some ways to prepare yourself:

  • Reflect and reassess. With the retrograde of Jupiter in Taurus, hidden things will start coming out of the surface. Rather than viewing delays as obstacles to your plans, consider them as opportunities to uncover overlooked ideas and reassess priorities. 
  • Take a risk. Uranus is working with the new moon to push us to take action, even in the face of uncertain outcomes. It's about having faith and embracing self-reliance. Trust that by stepping forward, you open yourself up to delightful surprises along the journey.
  • Keep a steady progress. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is now leaving retrograde. It’s a clear sign to continue moving forward, as there’s more clarity in communication and information becomes easily accessible.   

Your Motivation Will Be Rewarded this Virgo New Moon

The universe has your back if you stay focused and disciplined this Virgo season, so dream big and start putting one foot in front of the other. Before you know it, you'll feel inspired with a new sense of purpose and a go-getter spirit!

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