Let Pisces Supermoon Reveal Where You Should Head Next

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Sometimes, you never know how much you’ve healed until you take a moment to look back on where you started. Then enlightenment and growth come rushing through, and at times, may even bring in a new insight.

As one of the most mystical signs, this Supermoon in Pisces on February 19-20, 2023 is ready to reveal where you should head next after mastering your spiritual lessons.


Take Advantage of Heightened Spiritual Energy this Supermoon in Pisces

Symbolized by the fish and governed by Neptune, Pisces inspires us to go inward and explore our internal mysticism. Being a sign of duality, it’s the perfect time to connect effortlessly to the spiritual realms to seek guidance. Find time to sit in nature, listen to sacred sound music, or go deep in meditation.


Tuning in to the Divine to Prepare for Your Next Step

Take the auspicious time to tune in to the Divine to understand your life’s next step and receive peace and gratitude for the changes that are about to come, even if it’s something beyond your control. Trust that the Universe has your back and you’re only letting go of things to welcome greater abundance.


Be Wary of Disillusionment this Supermoon in Pisces

Along with the heightened energetic sensitivity, Pisces can also be a sign of disillusionment by creating a fraudulent version of reality. This calls you to be more observant of your external surroundings. Don’t be deceived by false information and recognize anything that aims to threaten your peace. 


Supermoon in Pisces is Still A Perfect Time for Recalibrating Ourselves

Still, it’s a wonderful time for introspection and reflection as long as we trust our inner knowing to create our own safe space of bliss.

May you continue to seek answers in the Divinity living within you.