Nov 12/13 Unleash Your Inner Strength this Scorpio New Moon

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Have you been feeling an intense surge of emotions lately? The energies are shifting as we move into the Scorpio New Moon on November 13, 2023, which is activating our inner power. This is an auspicious opportunity to set new intentions and dare to plunge into the depths of your emotional body.

Scorpio is about passion, intuition, and intense truth. This new moon is a calling for introspection. It is a time to uncover old patterns and roadblocks that have kept you from living your authentic life. If you've been yearning for a fresh start, but fear keeps you anchored, the transformative energy of Scorpio is here to inspire courage and guide your rebirth into the powerful being you were always destined to be. Make the most out of this season to:

Listen to your inner voice. The Taurus eclipse's impact is still present in this lunar phase, ushering permanent and lasting changes. As Scorpio symbolizes death and rebirth, take a moment to evaluate your life and decide which new beginnings you wish to cultivate.

Take charge. The powerful trine of Mars, Uranus, and Neptune is influencing this season, shifting the focus to your personal goals. Tune into the rising courage within you and face whatever has been holding you back. Remember, confronting the truth often comes with emotional intensity, so doing some grounding work will be helpful.

Clear what no longer serves you.  Lastly, Pluto’s influence in the Scorpio energy means something may push or trigger you to realize what you need to release. Uncovering the truth is a cleansing period that gives you an opportunity to make room for new energy.

It's your moment to identify which areas of your life are holding you back. It could be old habits, toxic behaviors, or unhealthy relationships. Let go of the self-doubt and fear that halt your progress, and bravely turn over a new leaf.

Do you trust the process of surrendering? Take the Scorpio New Moon challenge today to attune yourself to the depths of your emotions. Join our Black Swan Temple community now!