Spring Equinox 2022 | Sacred Sound Healing Ceremony

spring equinox 2022 spring equinox ceremony spring equinox online ceremony spring equinox sound healing Mar 20, 2022


We are in the 7 day sacred Equinox portal.  

Sunday, March 20th
5:32 am HT/ 8:32 am PT/ 11:32 am ET

Happy Spring to those in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn to those in the Southern!

Wherever you are, it is potent to observe this cross quarter holy day which also marks our astrological New Year.  This is always a time to release, let go and energize our goals and intentions for the future.

Friday's Virgo Full Moon is also adding to the energy and has been illuminating issues around health, discernment, service, order and the Earth, especially as they relates to those wildest dreams we were contemplating on during the last New Moon!

Virgo is the energy of the High Priestess and is highly intuitive.  So even though we might not have a totally clear picture of what lies ahead, we can ready ourselves for an optimal outcome by taking care of our body temples and creating new habits that will serve us in attaining tangible results.

All of this energy feeds so well into the transformational power of this Equinox time!  

We are delighted to share with you this Equinox Ceremony we just recorded in our temple.  We hope that you will have a moment over the next few days to view it.  

Just click here to tune in when you are ready.

Sending you warm blessings from Maui!

Much love,

Heather & Donny Regal
Black Swan Temple
Mystical Alchemy LLC

Soul Travelers Raising Consciousness