Lunar New Year of the Rabbit and the Super New Moon!

2023 aquarius chinese lunar year new moon new moon lunar year super new moon super new moon in aquarius water rabbit year of the rabbit Jan 21, 2023

Are you ready to take a cosmic hop forward and birth that which has been gestating in a great way this year?  The energy of this first New Moon is very exciting and very powerful this coming January 21, 12:53 PT/ 3:53 ET.


The Magnetic Power of Super New Moon

Firstly, this Super Moon is super close to the Earth and in fact it's the closest it's been in the last 992 years.  The next time it will be this close will be 345 years from now. Right now it's 356,568 km (221,561 miles) away, compared to its more usual distance of 405,000 km (252,000 miles).

Super New Moon's always make the initiatory energy of the lunation even more powerful.  Coupled with Lunar Imbolc, the cross quarter holy day period that marks the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, we are in an uplifting time of celebrating the Light and first spark of Spring!


2023 is Going to Be a Magnetic Force

The astrology for 2023 is huge and is looking quite benevolent.  We are at inception of a whole new wave of energy -- a fresh start!  We're moving out of an intense retrograde spell and as of January 22nd, all planets will be moving forward for a while!  So whatever you have been dreaming on, visioning and gestating now it has the opportunity be blessed with a huge cosmic energetic wave of support.  


Take the Chance to Tune In to the 2023 Energy

It's time to get clear on who you want to be, amplify your gifts and open yourself to receive an energetic boost that will activate those seeds of our desires into being in the weeks and months to come.


The Super New Moon in Aquarious Marks the Chinese Lunar New Year

Today's Super Aquarius New Moon also marks Chinese Lunar New Year!  This year, we are hopping on the Year of the Water Rabbit. The feminine energy of the Water Rabbit is considered very fertile, lucky and represents intuition, reflection, and inner peace and reminds us to find our flow and path of least resistance. 


The Significance of Year of the Rabbit

Rabbits know when to hop forward and know when to pause, rest and look deeper.  Knowing when to take a break and pause to experience that inner peace and reflection has always been a good idea after a period of hard work. In a modern society that hails multitaskers for proving productivity and growth, it would behove us to take some time this year to also embrace the fulfilling gift of regularly taking a break.


See the Gift of Pausing the Year of the Rabbit

Pausing is an opportunity for seeing things taking shape with much-needed structure. Treat your periods of pause as part of your journey to rise and act with clarity.

May we all benefit from the sweet stillness of the Year of the Rabbit in 2023.