Oct/28 Reprogramming Your Life This Taurus Full Moon Eclipse

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Where in your life are you seeking stability? What barriers need to be broken down to lay down stronger foundations? This Taurus Full Moon Eclipse on October 28, 2023, presents a timely invitation for us to reprogram our lives, to create a reality that reflects our manifestations and desires.







Beginning of Eclipse

Oct. 28, 9:01 AM

Oct. 28,

12:01 PM

Oct. 28, 3:01 PM

Oct. 28, 7:01 PM

Oct. 28, 8:01 PM



Oct. 28, 11:14 AM

Oct. 28, 2:14 PM

Oct. 28,

5:14 PM

Oct. 28,

9:14 PM

Oct. 28, 10:14 PM

End of Eclipse

Oct. 28, 1:26 PM

Oct. 28, 4:26 PM

Oct. 28, 7:26 PM

Oct. 28, 

11:26 PM

Oct. 29,

12:26 AM


As Taurus Full Moon Eclipse rises, it illuminates our need for security and peace. It's a potent season to introspect and discern which areas of our lives require clearing, transformation, and liberation. You're at the peak of realizing your self-worth - you deserve nothing but what's truly beneficial for you. You're no longer a passive observer of your life, but instead, you're actively taking control of what happens in it. Make the most out of this season to

Reevaluate Your Values. Taurus is an earth sign that values stability, so this full moon illuminates what you hold dear and if it’s aligned with your core beliefs. Ask yourself what really matters to you and give purpose to your days. 

Grab opportunities. Jupiter comes in to help, supporting you in what you’re ready to build and develop. It acknowledges the efforts you’ve been putting in for a while and presents the right avenue to reward you with opportunities.

Become more self-aware. Scorpio has a strong influence in this lunation, coupled with the dynamic force of Mars and Mercury. This ignites a powerful drive within even the tenacious sign, Taurus. It stirs an overwhelming urge to change things that might obscure the bigger picture. It’s important to stay grounded and not rush into decisions.

This eclipse brings an auspicious opportunity to embark on a new beginning and progress to the next chapter of your journey. It's important to align with your inner wisdom, ensuring that your choices resonate with your highest good.

What are you ready to let go, to give way for new opportunities? Take the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse challenge to help harness the power of surrendering and trusting the Divine timing. Join our Black Swan Temple community now!