May 19, 2023 - Rebuilding Our Long-Term Goals this Taurus New Moon

jupiter in taurus new moon new moon in taurus taurus new moon taurusn May 16, 2023

New Moon is all about the promise of fresh starts and new potential. As this lunation falls under the sign of Taurus on May 19, 2023. It’s the perfect time to plan your long-term goals and aspirations in life with a tangible roadmap.


The Taurus Characteristics Can Help You Create Your Tangible Plans

Possessing the quality of determination, steady progress, and strong will, the Taurus energy can be highly beneficial for you to finally execute the plans you’ve been thinking about for so long. While this can be about new things, it may also refer to plans that were held back or put on pause. Rebuild the foundation of your dreams, especially with all the clarity you realized from the intense Scorpio Eclipse season last May 5.


Make the most out of this Taurus New Moon by:

  • Setting intentions - New moon is about new possibilities. Reflect on what you want, what your goals are, and where you want to be
  • Assessing plans - You might already have goals in place but get honest with yourself and ask, “Do these resonate with you?”, “Are these aligned with your values in life?”, and “Do these plans serve your Highest calling?”
  • Calling the Divine energy - The noise in our head gets so loud sometimes that it’s hard to know what is and isn’t for us. Heed to the Divine for clarity and realization.


The Upcoming Jupiter Influence Can Help You Get Moving Too

To add, keep in mind that starting May 16, Jupiter is under the influence of Taurus until May 25, 2024. Jupiter is a fast-moving and dynamic energy. Success and fulfillment are within your reach. If you are ready to create a bigger world for yourself, now is the time to start planning for that!


This is the Change that You Are Looking For

Prepare yourself and get moving. It’s a calling for a bigger change that will take us to the next step of our lifetime.