Solstice Blessings and Sacred Sound Meditation Free Gift!

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We’re welcoming the sacred holy days of the Winter Solstice, when the nights are longer, the days are shorter and cooler, and in some parts, the ground is covered with snow.

The solstice is marked by the moment that the Sun moves into Capricorn.

December 21st
at 11:47am HT/ 1:47pm PT/ 4:47pm ET


What the Winter Solstice May Bring Us
Behind the stillness of these long nights, the light of the Sun is ready to rebirth initiating a new solar cycle. We are at the precipice of a new cycle and a new beginning point for your dreams, goals, and aspirations to be created out of the dark, deep black canvas of this holy day season.

Sometimes darkness may also bring in uncertainty, worry, and a melancholy that can feel debilitating this time of year.  If this is true for you please know that you are loved and reach out for support and make sure to do some deep self care.


Take Advantage of the Solstice Blessings
May we all take a pause, slow down, take care, go inward to go forward.  Allow yourself time to embrace and heal the shadow and harness its gifts in a way that will help you soar to the greatest expression of your being.

Tune in to the authority within you who is the visionary creatrix of your life.  What are you dreaming of being?  Who would you be? What will you do? Who would you serve? How would you serve?

Embrace this auspicious time to commune with your deep consciousness who knows everything that you need, and that you may not need, on the path of your greatest good. Invite the Universe to create with you and support you in tuning in to your Divine knowledge and wisdom. 


Embrace the Light After the Winter Solstice
Three days after the December 21st Winter Solstice has passed, the tiny flicker from the Sun will rebirth and expand bringing in a new solar year of pure potential. This is a beautiful time to vision, imagine and get excited for all the transformation and growth that lie ahead.


A Sacred Sound Meditation Free Gift This Solstice
Please enjoy the gift of this Winter Solstice sacred sound healing journey that we have created as a gift to help you attune to this potent holy day season.