Journey with the Ancestors

Throughout all time and places indigenous people have sought to maintain their connection with their Ancestors for Guidance, Protection, Healing, Reparations and Wisdom.

When we connect with our Ancestors we open ourselves to the wisdom of the Earth and how to live in balance with all of Creation.  

This sacred offering shares tools for reconnection, so that we may remember that the journey of the Soul continues beyond this Earth plane.  In some African cultures the ancestors are invited into the house so that they may influence the family and provide blessings and protection.  They recognize that they walk in the footsteps of their ancestors and that they can continue to guide and support them.  

It is in this spirit that this work is offered.  It is trans-demoninational and open to all people of all faiths.

We pray that you find it helpful on your journey.

Peace and Blessings,

Heather & Donny




A Sacred Guide To Journey Between the Veils

Heather Salmon and Donny Regal, Founders of the Black Swan Temple and Mystical Alchemy Sacred Sound Healing offer a practical guide to safely connect with the ancestors for guidance, support, healing, reparations, and inspiration.

Ancestral Altar

Learn how to create sacred space, activate and nurture an ancestral altar with a simple daily ritual to intentionally connect with loved ones, teachers and any other beings that you may hold as dear on an ongoing basis. 

Prerecorded 25 minute lesson
Plus, Downloadable Handouts

Mourning and Grieving

Allowing for the mourning process and exploring the stages of grief.


Herbs, Teas & Recipes

Learn what herbs to use to cleanse and clear spaces.  As well as herbs and teas that can be used to help with opening the pineal gland and accessing subtle realms through your dream states.  We also include a delicious recipe for our sacred cacao to open the heart and expand consciousness. 

Downloadable Handouts
Plus, Prerecorded lesson

Sound Healing Journey

Take a Mystical Alchemy Sound Healing journey into the sacred sanctuary of your Soul.  Is there someone you would like to connect with to receive support from or perhaps resolve an issue.  Do you have anything you would like to ask or share with one who has crossed over?  This journey will guide you safely through the process. 

*This is a Mystical Alchemy pre-produced studio recorded journey guided by Heather Salmon and produced by Donny Regalmuto at the Maui Music Mansion, Maui, Hawaii.  It features Heather's 432 hz crystal singing bowls and Donny on keyboards.

Dream Incubation

Learn how to incubate an inquiry to receive support, guidance, healing from or resolve issues with our ancestors during your dreamtime.  Receive guidance about how to remember, analyze and interpret your dreams for yourself.  

Prerecorded Lesson (25 minutes)
Plus, downloadable handouts


Self Guided Course

Join anytime.

We endeavor to make this offering accessible to all people and are offering a sliding scale way of contributing to this incredible body of work valued at well over $397. 







Online Course Platform

Have unlimited access to our online course platform where you can revisit the material anytime you like.

Private Online Community

Share your stories, altars and insights in our private online community.  This is also a great place to ask questions and receive support throughout the journey and beyond.