July 5th, 2024 - [VIDEO REPLAY] Igniting Inner Connection this Cancer New Moon

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 Do you feel attuned to your inner self? Are you ready to create a space of bliss within?? Coming this July 5, 2024, the Cancer New Moon is bringing a sacred space of transformation and renewal. Attuning to this nurturing and sensitive sign will inspire you to turn inward and reconnect with your true self!


Cancer, a sign governing sensitivity, connection, and intuition, is guiding you with this New Moon to shift your focus towards your inner life and spiritual foundation. It calls for the importance of creating a safe and comforting environment for yourself to cultivate your growth, extending beyond your external surroundings up to your inner sanctuary! Harness this season to:


Reflect on your foundations. Cancer falls between two potent Capricorn moons, which emphasize progress and stability. Take this moment to assess your foundation, reflecting on how past experiences and patterns have shaped you. Use these insights to build a more supportive inner and outer environment.


Honor your energy. With dynamic Mars and the disciplinarian Saturn retrograde in Pisces, there is a powerful call to become selective of your energy. Reflect deeply on how you allocate your time and effort, and ask yourself what activities, projects, and relationships align more with your values. 


Be open to inspiration. Venus and Neptune in Pisces share one common goal this period—to awaken your creative spirit! You might find yourself having deeper artistic impulses around this time. Be receptive; inspiration can come from unexpected places, like a fleeting thought, a dream, or even a walk in nature!


Transform your reality by beginning from the inside! As you ignite this inner connection, you’ll open an illuminating path forward, one that is guided by your true essence and the deepest desires of your soul.


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