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Mystical Alchemists

Dive deeper into the power of harmonizing with Lunar & Solar Cycles with our
Live and Self Guided Rituals

Also learn about Ancient Egyptian Mythology and how it can relate to and empower your life


Receive all of the above, Plus ...

On demand Mystical Alchemy Video & Audio Library

Mystical Alchemy Virtual Retreat which offers a powerful initiation that can quickly move you forward. Our program is curated to facilitate healing, transformation, and empowerment through yoga, breath work, sound healing, Non Violent Communication practice, Earth altar rituals, Emotional Freedom Technique, and our World Fusion gourmet plant-based vegetarian Recipe Book.

1 Monthly group mentorship call (usually held the 1st Monday of the month)

This membership is right for you if:
✓ You’re intrigued about profound topics relating to spirituality such as awakening, consciousness, inner child work, shadow work, meditation, ritual, plant based diet, alternative healing and sustainable living
✓ You’re feeling stuck and frustrated with the same old patterns and outside definitions for your life that has directed you away from the real you.
âś“ You are in a life transition and are wanting to take time for yourself to gain clarity, tools, and empowerment to further develop yourself as an open holistic being
✓ You feel like a fulfilling life is more than just material wealth, status quo, and ego-centered power and you’re craving something that feels nourishing and aligned with your inner soul needs and purpose
âś“ Your spiritual values and beliefs are not aligned with your everyday reality
âś“ You are wanting to be nourished with healthy foods, clear energetic blockages, activate your life force, and connect with Nature
âś“ You desire to connect with a compassionate community that supports your growth, and understands your otherworldly visions and aspirations for your life
âś“ You are ready to rise out of the ashes from your old self and emerge as your divine self

The Journey of Transformation

Module 1: Intention
Set your intention and embark on a process of metamorphosis where you enter a sacred and healing chrysalis of infinite possibility.

Module 2: Molt
Practice powerful releasing processes including Ho’oponopono, a traditional Hawaiian ritual for forgiveness and releasing personal and ancestral woundings, and inviting collective healing.

Module 3: Dissolve
Lighten your path with healing practices that break the cycles of generational trauma, unhealthy habits, thought patterns, belief systems and karmic patterns.

Module 4: Evolve
Activate, reclaim, and integrate all parts of your psyche's energy, wisdom and gifts and discover your highest next steps and path.

Module 5: Anchor
Embody the transformational energy that invites growth, abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life.

Module 6: Emerge
Navigate life with your new skills, wisdom and an understanding that will support you in your continued expansion and growth.  Receive a complimentary integration that you can schedule after your retreat.

Initiates Path

This membership is for those who are interested in the spiritual path of the High Priest and Priestess. 
It includes all of the above, plus ...

 Mystical Alchemy Master Program with new lessons dripped weekly.  This program is based on the teaching of the Ancient Essenes and the Path of the Heart as well as the mystery teachings and rituals of the Divine Feminine and includes:

* Energy healing and hygiene

* Guardians of Presence: Crafting Sacred Spaces and Energetic Boundaries 

* Chakra and Energy Body attunement and alignment + Vibrational Sound Healing through the Chakras Course

* Developing your intuition and higher level skills, senses and abilities

 * Art of Dreaming  (accessing dreams for guidance and healing)

 * Tools for Manifestation

 * Communication and Empathy Skills

 * Shadow Work to uncover and heal hidden aspects of yourself, confronting fears, insecurities, and unresolved emotions.

* Art of Ritual eBook - Lunar and Solar Rituals to harmonize with the cycles of nature and the cosmos

2 Group Mentorship Calls (1st & 3rd Mondays)

10% off Maui Retreats + Egypt Pilgrimages

The year long initiates path is a prerequisite to our Priest/Priestess Ordination Program which takes an additional 6 months of practicum to complete. 

Mystical Alchemists




  • Online Community
  • Monthly New & Full Moon Online Sacred Sound & Light Transmissions
  • Full & New Moon Self Guided Rituals
  • Ancient Egyptian Mythology
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$33/m or $350 annually


  • Online Community
  • Monthly New & Full Moon Online Sacred Sound & Light Transmissions
  • Full & New Moon Self Guided Rituals
  • Ancient Egyptian Mythology
  • Mystical Alchemy Virtual Retreat
  • Video & Audio Library
  • 1 Group Mentorship Call per month
  • Discounts on Courses & Special Events

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Monthly Membership

Initiates Path

$99/m or $1000/y or $1999 lifetime


  • Online Community
  • Monthly New & Full Moon Online Sacred Sound & Light Transmissions
  • Full & New Moon Self Guided Rituals
  • Ancient Egyptian Mythology
  • Mystical Alchemy Virtual Retreat
  • Video & Audio Library
  • 2 Group Mentorship Calls per month
  • Mystical Alchemy Mastery Program - new lessons dripped weekly
  • Vibrational Sound Healing through the Chakras Course
  • Discounts on courses & special events
  • 10% discount on Maui Retreats & Egypt Pilgrimages

    It is recommended to plan on joining for 1 year to go through the full Mentorship program.

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Monthly Installments


The Black Swan Temple welcomes all forms of support and deeply appreciates financial contributions that allow for ever wider expansion of our work in this world. If you are moved to support our mission and desire to make a donation, the Temple is overjoyed to receive it. All donations contribute to the longevity and sustainability of the Temple, and makes the offerings of spiritual growth, support and expansion possible for many beings across the globe.