May 23rd, 2024 - Trusting Your Path this Flower Moon

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Trust your wisdom is the message of this Flower Moon -- you are destined to blossom! On May 23, 2024, the spirited Sagittarius Full Moon will grace the night sky, supported by other cosmic influences that urge us to trust the innate path we've always known deep down, as we listen and attune within!

Sagittarius embodies exploration and self-discovery. This sacred lunation invites us to broaden our horizons and greet the unknown with bravery and curiosity. But we must tread more intentionally, dive into a quest for truth and purpose within ourselves and the world, and recognize how every experience leads us to our spiritual evolution.

With other planetary influences, harness this season by:

Expanding perspectives. With Gemini harmonizing with Sagittarius, prepare for your ultimate growth! Embrace fresh insights into your endeavors, new ways of thinking, and self-mastery. Do not resist change and be open to new possibilities.

Staying grounded. As Uranus conjuncts with Gemini after 84 years, expect transformative shifts in communication and information flow. To beat potential information overload, ground yourself through meditation, walks in nature, yoga, or other grounding practices.

Celebrating slow progress. As Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn and Mars energizes in its house sign, Aries, the fiery Sagittarian energy may push you towards impulsive actions. Practice self-awareness and slow down before charging forward. A mindful approach will lead to a more balanced and intentional journey.

While this period may bring you the urge for relentless action, remember that pausing for clarity and self-awareness can lead to greater outcomes. Find your center, connect with the Divine, and then seize the abundance of opportunities that await you! 

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